Pinterest最新的图像识别搜索推荐~Visual Search

17%的Pinterest用户会反复对内容进行比较以发掘”完美的信息”, 继Pinterest在文字搜索和tag上”几乎”竭尽所能之后, 终于在这次更新后推出了图像识别技术相关的搜索功能”Visual Search”~.
1. 比较商品再也不用老套的方式(如果你们还记得之前那些网站使用的选择商品比较的老式方法的话)
2. 商家会更好地处理他们的图片
3. 为你的商品提供Rich Pin,也许销售就是下一秒的事情

ios,android,网页版本周一已全部同步更新,试用一下准确度是真的真的不错,应该是技术配合大数据的完美效果吧> <


Words don’t always cut it for those 17% of daily Pinterest users who are trying to find that perfect something. Sometimes, users just need to see it, to know it’s what they are looking for. Recognizing this need state, the platform rolled out a revolutionary sight-driven tool called, “Visual Search.”

Introduced on Monday to IOS, Android and the web, this sight-driven tool allows users to identify and learn more about objects in pins (see how here).


This is a logical next step for Pinterest, a company that prides itself on being not just a social scrapbooking site, but a vertical search site that evolves alongside consumer (search) behavior. According to the CEO of Performics, “Searchers are moving well beyond keywords to discover things,” and with this update, there is certainly a heavier lens on discovery. Now, users can more easily come across things they didn’t know they liked, or even needed for that matter.

However, Visual Search doesn’t just benefit the Pinterest audience, but marketers and brands alike. Below are a few next steps marketers can take coming out of this news to better evolve their strategies on the platform.

  1. Don’t hesitate to participate – If it aligns with the brand’s social strategy, get on the platform (if not already) and create a strong presence with multiple boards and pins. Given the updated search functionality, it is easier for users to discover content.
  2. Optimize owned assets on the .COM – Marketers should ensure their brands’ websites contain updated imagery (i.e. relevant products and/or high resolution photography) so when an image is pinned, it provides a better user experience within Visual Search.
  3. Leverage the shopper mindset – As users discover things they want or need with Visual Search, marketers should be there to provide them with quick solutions to purchase, such as Buyable Pins.
  4. Feature multiple products in pins – Marketers can increase Visual Search opportunities for users by showcasing multiple products within pins.

Pinterest is making great strides in the search space, and its search is up 81% year-over-year. The platform has evolved its capabilities around location (Place Pins), keyword (Guided Search), eCommerce (Buyable Pins), and now visual data to ensure users are discovering relevant and actionable items. Although Google has had similar functionality for years, Pinterest may prove to be a more practical application that sets the tone for future players. Google, for instance, delivers web pages about things, but Pinterest delivers the thing itself, as well as where to buy or experience it.

As Pinterest continues to grow and evolve, marketers should consider how they might be able to best capitalize on updated features and functionalities such as Visual Search, and continue to monitor the platform for any new opportunities that arise, especially as we enter the New Year.

Cover photo via The Wall Street Journal.

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